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2012 Visit to Sloane

On July 17th, 2012 a number of old boys (check the photos you'll see what I mean!) relived a little of their youth by gathering at the old school building and having possibly their last wander around before further work commences to convert the building into more luxury apartments - though rumour had it as we wandered that others were interested in retaining the building as an educational establishment.

People came from all corners of the country (an odd shaped country with corners? Shows how good my education was) on the day, oblivious to their own disabilities and prevailing weather conditions. Two flew in from far afield - Clive Sargeant from Australia and Steve Thacker from New Zealand - for what turned out to be a very memorable and worthwhile day.

From memory (and the odd prompt) the full list of those who were there is as follows -

Mike Alagoa (1963-70)
Robin Alvarez (1963-70)
Jim Baker (1964-69)
John Binfield
David Brooks (1945-50)
Andy Bundle (1965-70)
Vernon Burgess (1959-66)
John Conway (1960-65)
Chris Daley (1964-70)
Van Egloff (1954-59)
Jon Evans (1961-63)
Mark Fulsham (1963-70)
Ken Harrison (1966-70)
David Hurd (1958-65)
Gordon Jackson (1947-51)
Danny Kitson
Andrew Litobarski
Paul Litobarski (1965-70)
Stuart Litobarski (1963-68)
Reg Mayhew (1960-67)
Mike McCormack (1959-66)
Rod McKenzie (1956-60)
Paul O'Shea (1963-70)
Eric Peel (1959-66)
Cliff Perriam (1959-64)
Digby Perriam (1952-58)
David Prosser (1959- ?)
Andy Robertson (1963-70)
James Rowe (1955-62)
Clive Sargeant (1963-69)
Neil Stacey (1963-70)
Steve Thacker (1963-68)
Bob Titton (1963-70)
Brian Turton (1945-47)
Ian Wiseman (1960-65
Howard Wilson (1955-63)

David Hurd, Stuart Litobarski, Reg Mayhew, Andy Robertson and Brian Turton, took photos of the visit (Sadly my camera gave up on me - again. What's that about a bad workman always blaming his tools?) and they can be viewed here.

If anyone suddenly wakes up and remembers they did take photos of the visit please let me have copies for addition to the slideshow.



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