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Bus Art

All the galleries, like the one below, can be accessed by clicking on the 'Classmate Galleries' link in the left hand column. To create your own galleries under an existing gallery heading - 

1) Click on the relevant photo you see on that page.

2) Click on 'Add your own photos to this gallery'. This will bring up  the photo editor you may already have seen when adding photos to your own Profile. Once you've added at least one photo to your gallery the name on the 'Add Photos' button will change to 'Add/Edit photos'.

3) Click 'Browse', in the 'Upload Images', box to choose the image you want to upload from your own computer.

4) When the upload finishes, either add a caption in the box next to it or click on the thumbnail of the image you've uploaded and make any changes you want to it using the Image Editor.

5) REMEMBER to click 'Save Changes' when you've finished.

6) On the next screen that comes up, choose which of the photos you've uploaded you want to be your 'Cover Photo' and click on the circle next to it marked 'Cover Photo'. This will be the first photo on your gallery that Classmates see when they come to this page.


I'm sure I can trust you not to add anything that's too personal, and I reserve the right to delete anything inappropriate. After you've clicked on 'Save Changes' there's one more step before you'll be able to view your galleries alongside the others. I'll be notified that you want to upload some pictures and, once I've approved them, they'll appear on your own mini gallery under the main gallery heading you uploaded them to.

If you've any suggestions for new Gallery subjects please let me know and I'll add them.


PLEASE NOTE:  All uploaded items will reduce the available website file storage capacity so, at some stage, you might see a message that says , "Sorry uploads are not currently available". This will mean me having to purchase extra capacity before you can continue, so check back a couple of days later and you'll be able to upload what you want. 


View a Gallery by clicking on one of the photos in it. A slideshow will start with a 10 second delay between each frame.

Upload photos or other images to this gallery by creating your own individual gallery of pictures relevant to the gallery title by using the Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here button.