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Classmate Galleries

All Classmates can add their own personal photo galleries inside the galleries below.

To view photos/images in a Gallery -

Click on an image below to enter the gallery area and view galleries that have already been created for that subject. Click on a gallery's Cover Picture to open the gallery and increase its size. To view an enlarged version of a photo, right click on it and choose 'Open Link In New Tab or Open Link In New Window. If that still doesn't enlarge the photo enough for you, once the photo's in a new tab/new window you can use the Zoom feature on your browser (usually on the Menu, found by clicking on the three dots or three hyphens at the top right) but the image might distort if you Zoom in too far. It also won't allow you to pinpoint a particular area of the photo as it will be the whole photo that enlarges. 

To create your own Gallery in that topic - 

Click the "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here" button at the bottom of the page, after the photos you're viewing, to participate. Follow the full instructions on screen to create your Gallery.

You can view all galleries but can only add photos/images to galleries you have created. All photos you add will be accredited to you inside your own Gallery.

If you don't see a subject that fits the photos/images you want to upload, let me know and I'll create a Gallery to suit and let you know when I have.

REMEMBER: - Once you've uploaded your photos/images, I'll receive an automatic notification that you have so that I can approve them. If I think any are unsuitable for general viewing, I'll delete them but if I approve them and you've already used the Notify Me page (under the white Head & Shoulders image at the top of the website) to subscribe to receiving an Email notification when 'Pictures have been added to a photo gallery', you'll receive the notification telling you your photos are now available for viewing and can click on the Classmate Galleries page heading to do so. 

REMINDER:- If you haven't used the Notify Me page to subscribe to Email notifications, go to that page first and spend a little time looking at what else it has to offer while you're there.

Ain't It Funny?
1 Gallery  19/2/20
Family, Home and Friends
5 Galleries  3/2/20
What A Wonderful World
1 Gallery  10/11/17
Places in Your Life
1 Gallery  24/2/10
4 Galleries  13/9/20
Signs of the Times
1 Gallery  25/9/13
Health & Safety?
1 Gallery  21/9/12
Computer Literate?
1 Gallery  30/5/13
Old Postcards
2 Galleries  25/4/20
What's in your garage?
1 Gallery  7/4/11
Don't you just love kids?
1 Gallery  7/4/11
1 Gallery  31/8/11
Field Trips
25 Photos  18/5/20
15th Chelsea Scouts
86 Photos  11/5/20
Football at Sloane
51 Photos  25/6/20
Headmasters & Staff
32 Photos  14/6/17
Past & Present Old Boys
1 Gallery  10/3/14
Cricket at Sloane
19 Photos  29/8/18
Athletics at Sloane
28 Photos  11/10/20
Swimming at Sloane
2 Photos  17/6/13
All Other Sport at Sloane
4 Photos  21/8/16
Reunions & Get-togethers
2 Galleries  19/10/20
School Group Photos
24 Photos  20/6/13
Sloane Plays
98 Photos  30/4/19
Sloane & Associated Areas
141 Photos  15/11/16
Awaydays & Holidays
57 Photos  25/4/19
Remembering the Past
86 Photos  7/5/20
2012 Visit to Sloane
151 Photos  26/2/13
Gis A Job
28 Photos  1/3/13
What Do You See?
10 Photos  22/1/13
1963 Intake 50th in 2013
49 Photos  16/2/14
Art In Any Form
1 Gallery  8/4/19
Animal Crackers
85 Photos  16/4/20
1927 Sloane Prospectus
23 Photos  20/10/14
Old Boys Match Reports
18 Photos  24/8/15
Members' Art
2 Galleries  8/2/16
Skokholm Logs 1966 & 1967
26 Photos  14/6/17
Noblemen & Gentlemen's CC
96 Photos  7/8/17